Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon 2


Today is my twenty-second birthday, and to celebrate, I went to see How To Train Your Dragon 2. I was expecting a sub-par, entertainment-value-only sequel. I must say, though, I was pleasantly surprised.

There were some adult themes tackled in this PG movie, as should be when the main character is a twenty-year-old boy (let’s see if I can do this without spoiling them): Relationships that reciprocate and are fulfilling, as well as those that don’t and aren’t. Change and progress are inevitable, and while some are welcome, others are not and we have to learn to live with them. Betrayal. Death. Not everybody can have a happy ending. I’m sure I’ve missed one or two.

Now, of course, every sequel has its issues. There are a couple plot holes, a lot of lengthy oratories that are just info dumps with color, and even though there are three strong female characters, the movie doesn’t pass the Bechdel test yet again. The Bechdel test is especially disappointing because Ruffnut is always mouthing off about something, Astrid is, well, Astrid, and of course there’s the mysterious Dragon Rider…

All in all, this movie was pretty darn good. I definitely plan on seeing the third one when it comes out in 2016.