Jurassic World Movie Review


But, if you’ve been around, you probably expected that. Let me tell you why.

1) DIVERSITY. Omar Sy. Irrfan Khan. BD WONG.

So much yes.

While there weren’t any non-white major-role women in the film, I’m willing to overlook that. We had Omar Sy playing a badass raptor worker & Chris Pratt’s right hand. We had Irrfan Khan playing Simon Masrani, the much-less-eccentric-than-Hammond owner of Masrani Corp & Jurassic World. We had my man BD Wong reprising his role as Dr. Wu, the incomparable geneticist genius behind the creatures of Jurassic World. Not only was there diversity, but they were playing a diverse cast of characters themselves, so I applaud that.

Background wise, there was a pleasing amount of racially diverse extras and background characters. People from all over the world went to Jurassic World, and people from all over the world were running for their lives from the dinosaurs.

2) Claire. Bryce Dallas Howard did a stellar job as Claire, the park’s coordinator of sorts (what’s her official title?). She came off as wonderfully business-minded, slightly caustic, and a decently developed character, even though her character arc was pretty intense for a 24-hour plot. It worked well, though, and I wish I could gush about details, but it’s still opening week so I won’t because nobody likes spoilers.

3) Owen. Chris Pratt is my nerd prince. His portrayal of Owen, the ex-military raptor trainer, was fabulous. (But, of course, I’m a fan so I’m actually quite biased here.) He made ME form a serious (er, seriously questionable) emotional attachment to four raptors that I couldn’t even tell apart. By the end of the movie, I was cheering for the raptors as much as I was cheering for the people. #RaptorTrainer #BlueIsBae 

4) Zach and Gray. These kids. THESE KIDS. They’re brothers, so of course they’re not exactly besties, but they made the movie for me. Like, I love Chris & Bryce & Omar now, too, but these two boys were the best part.

5) Indominus Rex. Yeah… I was skeptical as hell. But not anymore. Yowza. (That’s all I’ll say because any more will ruin the movie.)


7) The tech. They had some pretty damn fabulous tech in the movie, which is to be expected, but they went far and above expectations in the best way possible.

8) T Rex. I won’t spoil anything, so instead I’ll just say this: Dayum, girl.

9) The throwbacks. SO MANY THROWBACKS. I can’t begin to try to name them all, and every single one of them was well-placed, well-executed, and so damn awesome.

All in all, this is how movies should be done. I went with several of my friends, and the whole time we were on the edge of our seats, occasionally yelling at the screen, holding each other’s hands, jumping, and screaming at a couple parts. All that wonder that Crichton and Spielberg created in the first one was rehashed and made new again. Five stars, friends. Five stars. *applauds*