NaNoWriMo Prep Week 1: World Building

I can't believe October is passing by so quickly! (*I say, nervous and fidgety, knowing how close NaNo already is and how unprepared I still am*) In the last week alone, I've done a hell of a lot of planning for my NaNo novel, as of yet untitled, and I'm excited to share some of it with you!

The first--and most exciting!--helpful thing I've found is this fabulous hieroglyphic dictionary that also includes "an index of English words, king list, and geological list with indexes, list of hieroglyphic characters, coptic and semitic alphabets, etc." This is especially important for me to find because of the magical element I'm incorporating in my novel. I wanted to use actual ancient Egyptian words for the spells and incantations that'll be used, such as the cobra charm "hetem" which carries the definition of "disappear" I wanted. Not only is this thing a thorough resource, but the search feature is great and allows for easy navigation. Tack on the various formats it can be downloaded as and I'm sold!

Item number 2 on my fab find list is a master post of fantasy world building questions. Seriously, I have twelve pages of questions--just questions!--written down from this site alone, never mind all the other sites I stopped at before this one. If you're writing fantasy and struggling with world building (like me!), then you need this, friend.

Rounding off the world building, I've got a rough outline of Egypt sketched on a piece of computer paper, as well as some of the surrounding lands that I now plan to muck with until I like how it looks for my novel. Thankfully, all I need is a map representing the three relevant countries. While there are undoubtedly more, I'm cutting myself off so I don't go down a world building hell hole. Who knows? I may even color and frame it if I like it. (Not that I'm at all artistic. Don't go getting any ideas, folks.)

(Doing all this research on ancient Egypt is giving me all these out-of-the-box launch party and giveaway ideas for this WIP. I knew my business degree would come in handy. :D)

As an added bonus, I've moved my formerly private Pinterest inspiration board to public. Y'know, in case anyone is interested in that kinda stuff.

Next week, I'm switching gears and focusing on character building. I can't wait!