2016 New Year's Resolutions

Goodbye 2015, hellooooooo 2016! I am a New Year’s resolution junkie. I do them every year, and I almost always kick their butts. This year will be no different. But first, let’s do a quick recap, yes?

2015 resolutions:

Fitness resolution – 50/50 here. I slimmed down & lost all the holiday food weight, but the “add a solid fitness regimen” part didn’t happen. Also, the workout tip jar failed. I still have no money. IOUs didn’t do shit. #BrokeGirlIsBroke

Try a new thing – success! This one was a solid victory. While most months I pulled recipes off Pintrest, I also did a little home repair stuff (after binge-watching Property Brothers and Rehab Addict on HGTV), as well as using tips found on Pinterest for a costume for the Renaissance faire. *pats self on back*

Writerly goals – ehhh 50/50 I think. Technically, I did send my MS, Generation Y, out into the world. I sought out beta readers, got some great feedback, polished the hell out of it, AND submitted it in Pitch Wars, but I still haven’t shipped it off to Query Land yet. (I also mentioned something about submitting short stories to some contests, but hahahahaha that one wasn’t set in stone so I’m not counting it!) Querying is a specific goal I’d like to achieve, so that’s definitely gonna happen this year.

Whew! I’d say 2015 has been a solid victory, resolution-wise.

In other news, Writing Dressage celebrated its 1-year anniversary *throws confetti*, and was named one of HorseClicks top 50 horse blogs! *shoots confetti from a cannon* I celebrated WD’s birthday with a 30-day blog challenge and a complete site overhaul. (Still waiting on proper pictures, though…)

I am also (FINALLY) moving! It’s finally safe to say this, too, because--after attempting to make offers on 2 houses but being literal minutes late both times and the offer on the third falling through on the seller's part--the paperwork has all been signed and the move is officially underway! Which means Georgia, here I come!

Now then, on to goals for 2016.

Writer Goals

I’m giving myself two options, here: 1) query Generation Y! 2) self-pub Generation Y!

I say this because the more I read about self-publishing, the more I like it and the more I think it might be the right choice for me. Unless I got hella lucky, I’d be doing most of the promotions for my work anyway, and with self-publishing, I would be in a lot more creative control than if I went the traditional publishing route. So we’ll see. I might query Generation Y just to see what happens, but who knows what I’m really going to do.

Officially, though, let’s call this one “make headway on publishing Generation Y”. Yeah. That sounds good.

On top of that, I want to get started on a few other ideas I’ve had, so let’s call this “draft the first book in the Posillico series” and “draft that damn African wildlife conservation MS that’s been bouncing around in my head for months”. Or, failing those, just “draft at least 2 more MSs”. Oh, and the next one in my Generations series. So 3.

Professionally, I also need to do more networking. Go to some writer conventions, join a writer’s group, find some CPs, things like that.

Blog Goals

One word: pictures. I love that photo of my old man and me that I have in the side bar right now, but it just doesn’t fit the aesthetic that I want for this blog. Plus, I need a proper header photo. Living off of stock photos isn’t cutting it for me anymore. I need lipstick-smudged muzzles, for God’s sake!

Additionally, since the move is finally official and I can see the light at the end of the Georgia peach-filled tunnel, I’m gonna really focus on strengthening my blog, expanding its reach, and connecting with the writers who would really benefit from WD. (Which I should’ve started doing, like, last year.)

Personal Goals

Let me see if I can keep this short.

  • Get a job at a proper dressage barn somewhere in Georgia/South Carolina.
  • Move out of my parents’ house.
  • Buckle down & learn to speak another language. (Italian? Spanish? Who knows?)
  • Tattoo?????
  • Throw a Kentucky Derby viewing party/ACTUALLY GO TO THE DERBY.
  • Expand on my creative potential. As a naturally creative person, I see art everywhere I go in its various forms, so I really want to tap into that somehow.
    1. Start taking dance lessons.
    2. Work on my photography game.
    3. Start learning to draw & fill no less than 2 sketch books this year.

I’m entirely too excited for the new year. There is just so much potential and as soon as this ridiculous cross-country move wraps up, I can get started. First thing's first, though: I'm such a goal-oriented person and I have so much on my resolutions list that I'm going to have to make a concrete action plan if I want to have any hope of achieving what I'm setting out to do. So, here in a couple of weeks, I'm going to break down my action plan for achieving my New Year's resolutions AND (hopefully!) put together a fun printout that y'all can use, too!

I’m so ready.

BRING IT ON, 2016.