In Which I Talk About My Works-In-Progress

Hey there, lovelies! Today's post was supposed to be me telling y'all a little bit about my current WIP. BUT there's a slight problem... ...I can't decide which WIP to blather on about...

...so I'm just going to blather (briefly) about all three.

Sound good? Yes? No? Oh well, I'm doing it anyway.

WIP #1: My Generations series

Generation Y is an urban fantasy with a strong romance element (NOT paranormal romance) inspired by Bram Stoker's Dracula, but with a very modern twist. It revolves around Hayden, a vampire hunting specialist struggling to end a vampire's seven-century-long international killing spree before he can end her. I'm extremely passionate about this MS, which is why it's taken me so damn long to finally finish the first installment and begin work on book #2, Generation X.

There are several things about this MS that I'm ridiculously proud of/in love with.

  • I love the overarching theme of the previous generation handing down their duties, responsibilities, problems, etc. to the next generation. It reflects a lot of how I feel about becoming an adult, the process of understanding what all is happening in the world, and how I can make a difference.
  • I'm totally in love with my main cast. Among them, there's Hayden, a vampire specialist with a quick temper and ambition enough for 6 people; Celia, a front line specialist fiercely loyal to her friends; Natasha, a tech specialist and a bit of a fangirl; Luca, a beast specialist with a thing for soccer, reading, and tea; and Tyler, a weaponry specialist with self-confidence issues and a penchant for pranking his friends.
  • Because diversity is important and because I've literally never read a book that featured a character that struggled with a named mental illness, I wanted to do something about that. See, my father struggled briefly with depression after he got sick and my uncle with PTSD after coming home from Vietnam. They're why Hayden struggles with PTSD and Luca with depression. After having a couple beta readers with experience in mental health fields look over my MS and getting some really pleasing feedback, I can honestly say that this is the aspect of Generation Y that I'm most proud of.

That said, I'm still on the fence about which publication path I want to take with Generation Y. I've heard that urban fantasy books aren't selling well on the traditional publishing route, but I'm not confident enough in my own business-y abilities just yet to broach self publishing, even though the creative freedom is a huge draw. I dunno. I'm just really undecided so far, so until I make my mind up, I'm moving on to write Gen X.

WIP #2: My NaNoWriMo MS

I'm actually not sure where inspiration for this one came from. I know I used to love ancient Egypt back in elementary school, but I haven't thought about it since. Then, out of nowhere, WHAM! The idea for this (as of yet untitled) WIP hit me.

Essentially, this WIP breaks a dozen or so major fantasy cliches.

  • It's not reminiscent of medieval Europe, but of ancient Egypt.
  • There's no Magical Chosen One because fuck that.
  • Swordplay and archery play a part, but they aren't the only weapons in the world.
  • Because of the whole ancient Egyptian influence thing, it's more of a theocracy than anything else.
  • While quests are great and all, there is no Super Important Quest going on here.
  • And my personal favorite, both main characters are women.

While I'm still on the zero draft (I haven't picked it up since I hit 50k during NaNo, but I'm aiming for 100k), I can tell y'all this much: Written in dual POV, this WIP follows the story of a young farmer's daughter who travels to the capital with her mentor's last mare to compete in war games with the promises of riches and safety from raiders, and the young, newly-crowned Pharaoh struggling to keep her country together despite economic disparity, her father's recent assassination, and a feud with the neighboring country's monarch.

As for publishing, I didn't set out writing this one with publishing it in mind, but the more I think about it, the more I like it, so who knows? *shrug emoji*

WIP #3: The Jasmine Effect

TJE is a totally different beast than my Generations series or my NaNo MS. TJE marks my first attempt at writing contemporary romance and it features a colorful cast of characters that work at a Renaissance faire. The inspiration for this WIP hit me when I splurged on tickets one weekend to Scarborough Renaissance Faire back when I lived in Texas. Knights, jousting, belly dancers, Jack Sparrow impersonators, dudes with ropes laid out in the lanes yelling out "Here, wifey, wifey!", and all sorts of awesomeness & hilarity.

While there are some heavy themes in this WIP (as there should be in New Adult books), I also want to show that this is a stage in life that should be fun. Branch out, try new stuff, that sort of thing.

Another draw with this WIP is the opportunity to use my years (*cough*decades?!*cough*) of experience working with horses. Both of my leads are equestrians, especially my female lead. I'm really excited about working on this WIP, but it's not exactly high on my list just yet. Technically, it's still in the preliminary stages, wayyy pre-zero draft. That said, I'm about 90% sure that I'm going to try trad pubbing this one.

Welp, that's what I'm working on. Is it weird that it's kind of a relief sharing this? I've been so hush-hush about my writing that even my family doesn't really know what I'm writing about. They just know that I shut myself away in my Bat Cave to write.

'Til next time!