Um, excuse me, waiter? This is #NotWhatIOrdered

It seems like every time I turn the TV on or sit down to watch an episode of Criminal Minds, there's a new food ad promoting clean eating. Instead of garden variety cow's milk or beef, how about non-GMO, grass-fed cow's milk or beef?

Or maybe some organic, non-GMO fruits & veggies grown in pesticide-free farms?

Or if grocery shopping isn't your thing, there's Panera. Not gonna lie, their new "soup and salad and clean and real" commercials sound hella good. (Oh, if only there was one near me!)

Despite that, though, horse slaughter is still a hotly-contested topic.

Hey, I get it, guys.  We eat cows. We eat chickens. We eat pigs, and goats, and lambs, and even rabbits. Why not horses?

Oh, honey.

Because horse meat is so horrifically unregulated it's almost funny.


ASPCA horse meat burger image

Here's a quote pulled directly from the ASPCA web site:

Horses are routinely given chemicals toxic to humans, including anabolic steroids, stimulants and cobra venom. These drugs, over 50 of which are prohibited for use in food animals, can cause severe health problems like aplastic anemia, liver cancer and liver disease in humans.

Yeah. You read that right. Steroids. Stimulants. Cobra venom.

(Okay, even I'll admit that cobra venom sounds a little far-fetched. Then again, soring is a thing, so it may not be that far-fetched after all.)

More importantly, there is scientific proof that these chemicals we dose horses up with regularly--chemicals that horses metabolize differently than humans and that may never completely leave a horse's system--are toxic to humans.

Yet, we eat horse meat anyway.

That is the number one reason horse slaughter in the US has got to end.

Despite the rise in popularity of chemical-free foods, we're slaughtering horses with no regard to the incredible amount of toxic chemicals pumped into their bodies that we then willingly consume.

Despite our insistence as a culture to only choose the highest quality foods, we're shipping off toxic meat to other people in the interest of "Omg money! Economy! The horse industry!"

There are no regulations on horse slaughter. That's why pro-slaughter lobbyists are fighting so hard to keep it.

That way, once they've overused, drugged up, and completely broken down their horses past the point of being useful to them (aka making money), they can dump them at the auction knowing they can eke a few hundred more bucks out of their horses, then send them off to be shipped across the border to be slaughtered. (Don't even get me started on how horrific a process that is for these incredible animals.)

Read more about the horse slaughter problem over on the ASPCA site and before you click away, be sure you sign their petition.

Better yet, if you have a few seconds, share an image or post a tweet using the hashtag #NotWhatIOrdered. (You can find more images at the above link.)

Don't be complicit in this, y'all. It would be so easy to click that little X up top and try to never think about this again.

Except you will think about it.

Nobody wants to eat a poisoned cheeseburger.