2nd Quarter Income & Spending Report - Stall 17

Hey there, horse friends! If you read last quarter's income & spending report for Stall 17, you probably know by now that things didn't go so hot for me for the first quarter. Thankfully, things went a liiiitle better for me during my second quarter, so let's jump right in to my 2nd Quarter Income & Spending Report.

Reporting period: April - June 2018

At the end of my previous post, I listed a few suggestions for improvement. As a quick recap, they included cross posting more products on Redbubble, as well as Etsy, logging into my site through Squarespace rather going directly to my site then using a keyboard shortcut to cut down on skewed numbers, advertising, improving my social media presence, and getting serious about my summer collection launch.

Time to see how I did! (I am not optimistic.)

Spending & Expense Report


  • $32.85 - Bulk Apothecary supplies
  • $38.41 - misc supplies from Walmart
  • $19.99 - Adobe Creative Cloud
  • $30.00 - Squarespace subscription
  • $9.00 - ShipStation subscription
  • $10.18 - Freund Container

Total: $140.43


  • $32.53 - StickerYou
  • $9.99 - Adobe Photoshop
  • $30.00 - Squarespace subscription
  • $9.00 - ShipStation
  • $40.97 - Spreadshirt tee and travel mug (I'll be giving the mug away soon, so check out Stall 17 on Instagram!)

Total: $95.49


  • $20.97 - StickerYou
  • $0.17 - StickerYou Visa ISA fee
  • $22.46 - misc supplies from Big Lots (clearaaaaance!)
  • $18.45 - Etsy seller fees (also includes promoted listings fees)
  • $49.99 - Adobe Systems (because I had to buy a SEPARATE SUBSCRIPTION to access the main font I use on Stall 17's site.......)
  • $30.00 - Squarespace subscription
  • $9.00 - ShipStation subscription

Total: $151.04

Quarter 2 Total: $386.96

Not bad, actually. Not as bad as it could have been. Still pretty painful, though.



  • Products sold via Stall 17 site: 0
  • Products sold via Redbubble colistings: 5 (all stickers)
  • Redbubble total payout: $1.50


  • Products sold via Stall 17 site: 0
  • Products sold via Redbubble colistings: 1 (all stickers)
  • Redbubble total payout: $0.42
  • Products sold via Etsy colistings: 2 (both horse show recovery kits)
  • Etsy total payout: $79.98


  • Products sold via Stall 17 site: 0
  • Products sold via Redbubble colistings: 3 (all stickers)
  • Redbubble total payout: $0.63
  • Products sold via Etsy colistings: 1 (puffy leather keychain)
  • Etsy total payout: $9.99

Total Q2 Sales: $92.52

Despite cross posting more designs to Redbubble AND doing promoted listings on Etsy, I didn't see the return I wanted to. That said, I did sell 2 horse show recovery kits on Etsy, so that's not bad.

Still, I feel like I need to make some sales on my actual site!

I did a lot better during Q2 than I did during Q1, that's for sure. First off, I spent less. $55.66 less, to be exact. And, I made more, too! $85.87 more!

Overall, I'm still not doing so hot. For the year, I've spent $829.58. THAT HURTS. And my income has only been $99.17. That's not enough--not NEARLY enough--to offset what I've spent. Despite my income, I'm still $730.41 in the hole. And that is not okay with me.

Stats & Things

Let's see how the stats break down for Q2.

Stall 17 Website

  • Unique Visitors: 117
  • Visits: 110
  • Page views: 181

Hello, improvement! Granted, page views went down from Q1, but both unique visitors and visits jumped up a little. It's a small win, but I'll take it.

The cool thing about these stats? I hadn't had any major spikes, and then my product launch hit on June 15 and my page views skyrocketed from an average of, like, 4ish, to 30 or more. AND THEY'VE STAYED THAT WAY.

Best of all is that I've managed to only access Stall 17 through Squarespace's login, so none of these stats are skewed by my silly mistakes. Hooray!

Now let's peek at traffic sources:

  • Direct: 86 (76%)
  • Social: 19 (17%)
    • Facebook: 10
    • Instagram: 9
  • Search: 7 (6%)
  • Referral: 1 (<1%)
    • Referral source: Writing Dressage

This is pretty cool because, while a majority of my traffic is still coming from direct sources (how?? who??), I can also see that social media is starting to pull its weight, which means I'm also doing better on the whole Get Better At Social Media thing.

It's also pretty cool to see that I got a referral click from this blog! It means people are actually reading it and I'm not just funneling money into this thing to scream into a void.

As for popular content, my Shop, Blog, and Home pages were most frequented (no surprise). Best products? The horse aromatherapy shower disc with 4 views.


Now, I mentioned in my last post that Redbubble has no native analytics feature, but you can connect it to Google Analytics. Did I do that? No. Honestly, I have no effing clue how to read Google Analytics and I've been messing around with it for months. Also, it's still somehow connected to the old Wordpress.com version of this site even though I deleted it over a year ago... Color me confused on that one.

Anyway, according to the feed activity on Redbubble, I have 2 followers, 27 favorites (an increase of 18 since Q1), and 47 sales (an increase of 9... tragic).


Hey, I remembered about Etsy this time! And it's a good thing I did, too, because basically all the action happened there.

  • Total views: 79
  • Visits: 47
  • Orders: 3
  • Revenue: $89.97
2018 Q2 Stall 17 Graphic - Etsy Views & Visits
Q2 2018 Stall 17 - Etsy Orders & Revenue

Traffic sources were pretty much from 2 main sources: Etsy, and direct. In total, I had 47 visits, split evenly between the two.

Q2 2018 Stall 17 - Etsy Traffic Sources

When it comes to which listings have the most views, my Original Horse Show Recovery Kit is solidly in the lead with 22 views. Everything else is in the single digits with my #equestrian sticker having the second most views at 6. 

Now, when it comes to which listings are producing, my Original horse show recovery kit has 2 orders, but it's not the stickers that comes in second. It's the puffy leather silhouette keychain! Granted, it's only got 1 order during Q2, but Q3 is already looking good for the keychain.

As for favorited products, my Original Horse Show Recovery Kit has 5, and my #equestrian canvas tote has 2.

Suggestions for Improvement

What can I do differently? What should I try? Hmm.

Continue cross posting on Etsy. I'm clearly having success there. My next step is to continue to cross post every product listed on my main site over onto Etsy.

Advertise. While I did briefly make use of the Promoted Listings feature on Etsy, I think there are better ways to use paid advertising. I'm thinking about using Promoted Pins on Pinterest, as well as Facebook Ads. 

Quit sucking at social media! It's working for me. I need to make better use of it. Besides, what millennial isn't glued to their phones all the time?! (Yeah, you guessed right... me.)

I desperately want this store to succeed and I'm determined to see it through for the rest of the year at least. Summer line launch didn't go as expected revenue-wise, and I've still got my Winter line in the works. I'm hoping that I'll just be one of those businesses that doesn't gain traction until Christmas. But, of course, if I get to the end of the year and I'm still funneling money into this with no real revenue in sight, I'm going to close down my site. Maybe not my Etsy, since it seems to be gaining at least some traction, but the site will definitely go. 

Enjoy this post? Find it useful? I'd love to know! Leave me a comment below on what you found most helpful. I'm considering doing more of these, as well, so if you'd be interested in reading not just about my own little business, but about other equine businesses, too, let me know!


2nd Quarter income & spending report - Stall 17