Friday Favorites: Book Review - Color My Horse by Bev Pettersen

Hey y'all! Welcome Christine Meunier back to the blog today with another book review, this time on a novel called Color My Horse by Bev Pettersen. Take it away, Christine!

I recently downloaded a copy of Color My Horse by Bev Pettersen.  I’m a fan of Bev’s horse stories as they ring true to the industry.  Color My Horse focuses on the racing world in the United States.

It flits between the two main characters – Mark Russell and Jessica Boone.  Mark is 31 years old, a thoroughbred trainer and just hitting his prime.  He’s got a 2 year old colt that is lined up for a race in the Breeders Cup and is very optimistic.  ‘Assets’ has an unbroken win record and is training well.

Jessica is the grand daughter of Asset’s owner.  At 26 years of age, she is eager to break out from under her grandfather’s manipulative grasp.  This becomes especially important after a skiing accident ruins her race career.  She and her grandfather make a deal: Jessica has to rough it as a stable hand until the Breeder’s Cup meet.  If she can survive working for Mark, her grandfather will provide the start up funds for her own business. If not, she has to work for him.  Jessica jumps at the opportunity.

As the upcoming Breeders Cup meet draws closer, Jessica finds an unexpected love for the racing industry.  The characters she meets along the way are endearing, even the unexpected orphan boy.  What she’s not so keen on is the foreign man with a knife who seems out to get her.  Color My Horse is an aptly named, entertaining mystery that wraps up nicely.

What I loved about this book:

  • The horse information rings true, but I also learned about the American racing industry.
  • There was an unexpected focus on horse non profits and the future of ex-racehorses was explored.
  • It’s a racing mystery with romance rounding it out.

What could make it even better:

  • The swearing aspect: I am a reader who doesn’t like to consistently read obscenities.  Although the swearing wasn’t in the majority of the story, it did show up at times that I felt were often unnecessary.
  • Crudeness: there were times with Mark’s character in particular where his reference to a physical relationship with Jessica was extremely crude.  I found this especially surprising considering she was the love interest.  This could be toned down.

For those who love a romance or mystery book, Color My Horse won’t disappoint.  Note that it is a romance aimed at adults and not suitable for the younger reader.  For the horse fanatic, it is bound to be an entertaining read, too.  It’s a great fictional novel that has the horse facts right.

Find Color My Horse on Amazon.

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