Friday Favorites: Book Review - Horse Training with Bilger


I'm thrilled to have Christine Meunier back on the blog today, this time to review a book she picked up recently called Horse Training with Bilger. Take it away, Christine!


Recently I had the opportunity to receive a copy of Horse Training with Bilger, a non-fiction horse book for riders of all disciplines.  This book is quite unique in that it fits in your back pocket and can be easily taken with you as you go about your work with horses.

Horse Training with Bilger provides a simple outline of tasks that riders are encouraged to undertake before getting in the saddle with any horse.  It stresses the importance of ground work and establishing a safe working relationship with the horse – I love this!  There are sequential guides on activities that you can undertake as the horse handler and rider.

As each activity is safely completed, the handler can then move onto the next, building on their safe working relationship.  The end result is a horse that is trusting of its rider and a rider who is better able to read their horse and its reactions to varying circumstances.

What I loved about this book:

  • It’s sequential and simply set out.  This makes it easy to follow consistently with every horse that you work with.
  • It’s a short read, not bogged down with difficult terms or hard to follow text.
  • It’s practical and applicable.

What could make it even better:

  • Formatting: this may not be a big deal for others, but I am a stickler for a book that is made up of paragraphs.  I find this a lot easier to read!  This book is broken into chapters, but each chapter is often one large lump of text.  It would be easier on the eyes if it was broken into smaller paragraphs.
  • Horse photos: there are some photos included in the book that left me with questions about safety.  I am aware that not everyone rides with a helmet, but as a previous horse riding instructor (with a focus on English riding), I cringe when I see photos of people riding without appropriate footwear or helmets!  Horse riding is a dangerous sport and I like to see people taking safety precautions wherever they can.  That said, the photos of the people riding are otherwise fine and a nice addition to the book!

For those who are serious about improving their horse training skills, Horse Training with Bilger is an informative read.  Any person that works with and rides horses would benefit from the details outlined in this book.  Plus, it will help to make your riding sessions that much safer.


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Christine Meunier, equine author and educator

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