My Blog Is Not My Business

This blog is not my business.

I know, I know, that sounds totally weird, especially in a world where people are monetizing their blogs in droves and turning their blogs into their businesses.

No lie, I do plan on offering products, courses, and possibly a service or two a little later on, but I have bigger plans than a blog can handle, even if it is all jewel-toned and awesome.

If I learned one thing in my years helping my parents sort out their investments, it’s this: putting all your eggs in one basket is a bad idea. I’m all for niching down, but I’m not about to dig myself in a hole, either.

Over the past few years, I’ve been plotting. I’ve always known I’m not exactly “employable” in the traditional sense. Sure, I work well with other people, but between my asthma, allergies, chronic sinus infections, and residual back issues from my last nasty fall, doing time in a 9-5 isn’t my jam. (Not that it ever was…)

While unnamed thus far, my plans for my “creative business” as I’m going to call it for now are much, much bigger than my blog can handle. I’ve kept most of this to myself up until now. Even my family and my panel of incredible friends who have tolerated my bizarre-o what-if scenarios don’t know the whole of it. I kept all this a secret because I wasn’t ready for people to know just yet.

Now, I’m ready.

If it’s cool, I’d love to share these wild, crazy, bizarre-o plans with you.

First up: Writing Dressage

I do have big plans for the ol’ blog. After a long chat with some friends in the industry who own barns and non-barn businesses, I realized there’s a sad, sad lack of aid and resources for horse people when it comes to the business side of the industry. Additionally, not every horse person has the funds to go to business school and get an MBA. (Wouldn’t that be nice, though?)

That’s where WD comes in. I’m not calling it “the go-to hub for budget-conscious equestrians & entrepreneurs” for nothing.

In addition to the two years’ worth of blog posts, free content, webinars, challenges, and more that I’ve already got planned out, I have several products and courses in the works for equine entrepreneurs. I plan to cover topics like management, marketing, and finances with price points for everyone, not just the super-rich.

Additionally, I plan on beta testing most of those courses, so if the full price is a little much for you, join my mailing list and when they’re ready, you’ll have a chance to beta test them for way, way less than the asking price.

Second: Magazine?

A while back, I had this outlandish idea for an entertainment-style magazine for horse people. We have plenty of stuff about riding, training, showing, current fashion trends, and all sorts of stuff, but I have yet to come across one that looks at the industry from a purely entertainment perspective.

I don’t know, though. I might be the only person out there who likes the idea of picking up a horse magazine and, rather than seeing sale or breeding ads, training theory, and the latest fashions, seeing stuff like this:

  • Funny slice-of-life stories
  • Spotlights on young and new riders
  • Book reviews, both fiction and non-fiction
  • Publication opportunities for equestrian authors
  • Print opportunities for photographers and artists
  • Ads for small businesses
  • Blooper sections for those fabulous “oh shit!” moments we’ve all had
  • Sponsorship/funding/scholarship opportunities
  • A section for sharing good news that is literally nothing more than just good news in bite-size chunks

If all goes well on the blog front, the magazine will launch in the next 6 to 9 months. It’ll start out digital only, which will cut down on production costs because holy merciful mother of Jesus is it costly to produce a print magazine! After that, well, who knows?

Third: YouTube!!

While I have no idea when a YouTube channel could become a thing, I’ve already got plans for it: interviews, DIY projects, vlog versions of blog posts, and entertainment pieces, too, of course. (I’m like a dog with a bone with all these equestrian entertainment ideas.) Essentially, the YT channel would be a visual expansion of both the blog and the magazine, possibly with its own identity, possibly not, I’m not sure. I haven’t spent a whole ton of time noodling on it yet.

Fourth: “Published Author”

Real talk here: I also write fiction. A lot. I have a dozen different manuscripts in the works, from short stories to novellas to full-length novels. Most of them are in various stages of the zero draft and I haven’t had a whole lot of time to dedicate to them between launching my blog and helping my parents move halfway across the country. Now that all that’s done, though, I’m finding that I have this little thing called “free time” again and it is BLISS.

I told you they were wild, crazy, bizarre-o plans. Some of these may not pan out well (my money is on the magazine if anything), but hey, at least I’ll have tried. Further on down the road, I’m hoping to expand to in-person teaching and coaching, giving speeches and presentations, possibly a clinic or seminar thrown in once in a while, and whatever else strikes me as “Hey, this is a neat idea! I’ll try it!”

If you’re interested in getting in on the ground floor of all this, jump onto my email list. You’ll get first chance to beta test new products and courses, private content you won’t find on the blog, and of course, you’ll also get VIP access to The Tack Trunk, a private library of resources curated specifically for equestrians like you.

So what do you say? You in?

P.S. I’d love to hear what your wild, crazy, bizarre-o goals/dreams/plans are, so let me know in the comments, yeah? Who knows, maybe we can help each other out and keep one another accountable.