Friday Favorites: Soxtrot Socks

I love crazy socks. Anyone who knows me knows that, when it comes to buying gifts, socks are a no-fail option as long as they’re colorful and quirky.

Colorful and quirky are two great words to describe today’s Friday Favorite, Soxtrot socks for equestrians.

**FYI: I was sent two pairs of socks in exchange for my honest review. Y’know, just so you know.

Friday Favorites: Soxtrot Socks for Equestrians

These socks are pretty great, guys.

They’re made of a nice, thin material comparable to super thick nylons that breathes pretty well. (Athletic socks they are not, though.) While they did breathe fairly well, there wasn’t that moisture-wicking aspect that I personally prefer in riding socks.

That said, the material was a little too thin for my personal taste. I prefer my riding socks a little thicker in general.

They’re also a great fit. When I chose which pairs I wanted them to send me, I opted for two knee-high pairs so that, if one didn’t fit quite right, I wouldn’t be basing my opinion on just that pair. I didn’t have that problem with either of them. They went all the way up to just below my knee, nothing twisted funny, and there weren’t any uncomfortable seams rubbing against my toes.

(Is there such a thing as a sock connoisseur? Because I think I am one.)

 Tribal print Soxtrot socks ($8.99); Devon Aire breeches, AMHA world show commemorative shirt.

Tribal print Soxtrot socks ($8.99); Devon Aire breeches, AMHA world show commemorative shirt.

One thing I really appreciated about the way they fit is that I could slip them on over other socks. I have several pairs of athletic socks that cover just my ankles, but because they’re too short to wear with my breeches, I can’t wear them to ride. By slipping my Soxtrot socks on over those, I solved that problem, which made me super happy.

Another perk of them being so thin is that I don’t have problems zipping my tall boots over them. They actually make the zipping process a little bit easier over my calves, which are problem areas for me. So, until I have enough money to get custom tall boots made, I’ll be sticking to Soxtrot socks over my other socks.

Now, I’m hard on socks and I’m not the kind of person to hand wash anything unless it’s absolutely necessary, so when it came time to wash these, I threw them in the laundry for the ultimate test. I tend to wash all my clothes on warm and everything goes in the dryer no matter what, so if these socks couldn’t hold up to that, they didn’t have a place in my wardrobe.

So far, so good. They’re holding up pretty well despite the care label specifically saying to hand wash them.

 Tropical print Soxtrot socks ($8.99), TuffRider breeches, Kerrits riding shirt, Aerie sports bra.

Tropical print Soxtrot socks ($8.99), TuffRider breeches, Kerrits riding shirt, Aerie sports bra.

The only real issue I had with the socks is that the colors weren’t as vibrant as I had expected. I ordered the two pairs pictured throughout this post, and when I got them, I was saddened to discover that the tropical print was more brown than it was green. On the other hand, the brown African print looked exactly like the picture.

Price-wise, these socks are on par with Zocks and all the other boot socks companies. At the time this post was written, they’re $8.99 for patterned knee-high socks, $5.99 for plain colored knee-high socks, and $7.99 for the ankle socks.

I might not buy another pair until one of these pairs gives out because, other than riding, I have no need for socks like these. Overall, though, I’d say these are pretty great socks and worth the money if you’re into thin, colorful, nylon-like riding socks.

Check them out for yourself on their web site, Facebook, and (my favorite) Pinterest.