Social Media Content Ideas for Small Equestrian Businesses

Ever feel stumped about what to post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Have you had more than your fill of blog posts like “152+ Ideas for Fresh, New Social Media Content!!” that just don’t seem to deliver?

Yeah, me too. That’s why today, I’m sharing every idea I’ve ever had for social media content for equestrian businesses. From George Morris quotes to #FailFriday posts and everything in between, these ideas should help you fill your feed with fresh content that equestrians ACTUALLY want to see. (Because if I see one more coffee-and-donut-themed flat lay, I’m gonna throw something.)

 Pin me! Pin me!

Pin me! Pin me!

  1. Stall selfies
  2. Barn aisle selfies
  3. Horse show selfies
  4. Saddle selfies
  5. Any selfie that features you and your horse
  6. Panorama shots of your barn, arena, pasture, or cross country course
  7. Introduce your newest employees, horses, students, barn cats, etc.
  8. Share a #ROOTD photo with your brand's merch, your favorite brand's merch, or your sponsor's merch. (Hello, branded tees, tanks, and polos!)
  9. Share a flat lay style photo with your brand's merch, your favorite brand's merch, or your sponsor's merch. (These work especially well if you have a store with products you're promoting.)
  10. Share a selfie or a flat lay style photo with your favorite equestrian book.
  11. Share a selfie of you at the barn reading a new book. (10 and 11 work well if you also review books.)
  12. Post a photo or video of someone you interviewed recently. Include a single question and answer in the post if you can.
  13. #MotivationMonday. Share what motivates you.
  14. #ManCrushMonday, #MCM. I don't know about y'all, but every MCM for me is Sunny. He's just that handsome!
  15. #TT, #TransformationTuesday. Especially great for OTTBs, Mustangs, rescue horses, and young horses in training. (And for students, as well!)
  16. #WednesdayWisdom. Share a piece of wisdom relevant to what you do. This could be a statistic, audience-gathered responses to a question you asked previously, the truth about a common misconception, a helpful tip, or anything else.
  17. #WomanCrushWednesday, #WCW. Mares need love, too, right? (Maybe not chestnut mares, though... Or maybe they just need it most of all?)
  18. #ThrowbackThursday, #TBT. Who doesn't love a vintage shot of six-year-old kiddos in French braids with a cute-as-a-bug pony? Nobody, that's who.
  19. #ThirstyThursday. Y'know, if you're the drinking type.
  20. #FailFriday. Failure is how we learn, so share those lessons you learned the hard way. 
  21. #FridayFavorites. Share something you love, whether it's a product, a service, a person, a place, anything. Bonus points if it's local or a small business.
  22. #Caturday. Celebrate those hard-working barn kitties!
  23. #SpotlightSunday. Share the spotlight with other businesses or professionals in the industry so we can all grow and succeed together.
  24. #SelfieSunday. Share allll your selfies, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  25. #SelfieFail. Because it's almost impossible to take a good selfie with your horse. Or at least it is with Sunny...
  26. Tell a funny story. Bonus points if you have a funny picture to go with it!
  27. Share someone else's content, but make sure you give proper attribution.
  28. Create a video that highlights you, your products, your services, your customers, your location, etc. Production quality doesn't have to be great if it's just a social media post!
  29. Share a case study using a time you did something. You didn't have to succeed. The whole point of a case study is to study the event and learn from it.
  30. Promote yourself by sharing about your other social media channels or your email list.
  31. Celebrate, whether it’s a major holiday or something few people have heard of (National Lipstick Day, anyone?), a birthday, or an achievement you’ve reached in business.
  32. Share a link to a news article relevant to your industry.
  33. Caption This Photo contests are a great way to get your audience involved and commenting on your content.
  34. Share words of encouragement.
  35. Offer up a freebie, a discount, or a promo only for your social media followers.
  36. Let your social media followers in on a “secret”—aka use this as an opportunity to start chatter about an upcoming product, service, etc. (Real secrets work, too.)
  37. Been anywhere interesting lately? Taken any photos? Share a recap of where you went, what you saw, and what you did.
  38. Testimonials are POWERFUL. If you have them, share them!
  39. If you have a blog, post about old content. There are always followers who haven’t seen your posts.
  40. Post your favorite George Morris-ism.
  41. Post a quote by your favorite rider.
  42. Charity is a powerful motivator, so if you're supporting a charity, working with a charity, donating to charity, etc., share about it! (It'll make people feel better about buying from you, too.)
  43. Have I mentioned behind the scenes shots? Because if you've just received a new shipment, shipping out a new order, working on something new, updating something, remodeling your barn/office/etc., it doesn't matter. BTS posts are gold and you can never have too many.

I'll be updating this post as I think of more ideas, so keep this one close!

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Social media content ideas for equestrian businesses, because not every post with 152+ ideas will work for the equine industry. These are sure to get your horse-loving followers' attention!