Spotlight Sunday - Equus Education

Hey guys! Today I'd like to shine a spotlight on a cool blog I stumbled across called Equus Education. 

Equus Education highlights possible horse careers worldwide.  It could be hands on with horses, teaching others about them or relating to the horse, as long as the focus is horses!  This blog explores horse courses, over 170 different horse jobs, and profiles people who are making a living with horses.


I also talked to the blog's owner, Christine Meunier, and asked her a few questions about her blog.

WD: Are you working on any current or upcoming projects? Tell us a little about them.

CM: On April 17th I released my second book for this year, which is book #4 in the Thoroughbred Breeders series for young adults.  I am already working on #5 and another horse book for adults.

I have plans for another couple of horse courses available through Udemy, too and aim to increase my current horse educational resources at TeachersPayTeachers to 100 products by the end of the year.  Equus Education always has content written and scheduled for 3 posts a week so I am consistently working on this, too.

WD: What's one piece of advice you'd like to give to young equestrians who are trying to decide on their future career path?

CM: Explore your options!  Determine if you want to be hands on with horses, ride or do a job about them.  Volunteer your time as much as you can to get a feel for different industries.  I’ve helped out with Riding for the Disabled, instructing, Pony Club and Equitana events.  The more you try the better idea you’ll have of what you like.  Don’t be afraid to start in one horse job and then change to another.  It’s all horse experience that will be relevant.  It is my jobs as a horse riding instructor, stud hand, foaling attendant and stable hand that resulted in me being able to teach Equine Studies here in Australia.

No horse job is a wasted job – even if you conclude it’s not for you!  Any job that you do, be sure to do it with enthusiasm, hard work and ask lots of questions.

WD: What made you choose your current path--blogging about equestrian careers and writing equestrian fiction?

CM: Horse careers have always been an interest of mine.  I love so many different aspects of horses, that it has been hard to focus on one job!  My horse career has focused on breeding horses, racing, health care and instructing horse riding.  I get excited when I learn about a different horse career I haven’t even considered.  Just recently, that was equine ergonomics!

Equus Education (http://equus-blog.com/) started out as a hobby to highlight varying careers in the equine industry.  It’s now an incredible passion that helps me learn about new careers, acquire horse books to review and make the odd bit of pocket money.

The writing aspect occurred with some gentle nudging from my mother.  I was working in the thoroughbred breeding industry at the time and as I relayed events that occurred at work, she would keep telling me I should write this down!  In time I did and as my mother is a self published author, she was able to guide me in this area.  In time I discovered the joys of eBooks and learned to design book covers with Photoshop.  Now I can create a story and a book cover and have it online for electronic purchase without the book having cost me anything more than my time.  It sure helps that I have a horsey friend who is a photographer, too!


I am always working on my passion, Equus Education.  When I was 16 years old, I was informed by my careers teacher in high school that it was pointless studying horses.  I was the second student in our school who wanted to undertake a horse course in her final two years of schooling.  The first student a year before me hadn’t applied themselves and didn’t do well in the study.  It seemed our careers teacher feared the same outcome from me.  And so I was given the advice – ‘horses aren’t a career.  They’re a phase every girl goes through.  You’ll grow out of it when you discover boys.’

I did in time discover boys.  But my horse passion never wavered and at 21 years of age with two horse qualifications behind me and a job in the thoroughbred breeding world I started Equus Education (http://equus-blog.com/).  At first the idea was to highlight 100 horse careers that could be undertaken around the world.

Horses aren’t just a phase.  They’re not just a means to earn income.  With horses you can have a fulfilling career that pays well, helps you to gain valuable skills and can be done almost anywhere around the world.  All horses need to be fed, picked up after and cared for, wherever you are.

Equus Education now highlights over 170 horse careers around the world.  If you know you want to work with horses but aren’t sure in what area, start at Vocation 100!  This blog details what is involved in various careers, qualifications you can gain at differing horse courses and it interviews people who have a career working with the animals they love.

Many jobs are hands on, some are about horses.  Whether it’s casual, part time or full time, you can work with horses.  If you want to be outside or in an office you can focus on horse related work.  Want to travel?  You can work with horses.  Want to set up your own business or create a new product?  It can be about horses.  Interested in generating passive income?  This, too, can focus on horses in varying means.  Equus Education explores it all.  Don’t let someone tell you that your horse passion is a phase.  It can result in qualifications, skills and a career – all relating to horses.

Equus Education is updated at least 3 times a week with fresh content.  This often includes highlighting another horse related job, a profile of someone working with horses, a new course on offer or a horse book review.  Check it out!


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Spotlight Sunday - Equus Education & Christine Meunier

Christine Meunier is an equine author and educator.  She loves all things horses!  You can find her educational and entertaining horse novels over at http://www.horscountrybook.com/ and http://www.freereinseries.com/  Interested in pursuing a horse career?  Then head on over to Equus Education at http://equus-blog.com/ to find out about the 170+ horse careers and courses she has explored so far.