What if you could spend $10 a month for a business coach?

Hey there, entrepreneurs! What if I told you that you could get some quality business coaching for a fraction of the cost of one of my major coaching packages?

You'd probably think I was crazy, right?

Nope. Not crazy. (At least I don't think so.)

Just crazy awesome.

I don't know if you've heard of it, but there's this crazy awesome thing called Patreon, and essentially, it's a membership platform that makes it easy for creators to get paid. While most of the creators on there are also creatives--artists, authors, musicians, etc.--I felt that this would be a fantastic addition to what I do here on Writing Dressage, even though business coaching isn't exactly what I'd call "creative". (Don't get me wrong, though, it can be!)

I chose to use Patreon for a couple of reasons:

  1. It's a place to steadily create and host a variety of content. Rather than just offering a limited variety of things here on my blog or on my Teachable school, I can offer SO. MUCH. MORE over there. Better yet, I can offer more one-on-one coaching opportunities there for a teeny tiny fee, an option practically tailor made for equestrians with small businesses or side hustles who want coaching but can't afford (or, frankly, justify) shelling out a few hundred/thousand dollars for a coaching package.
  2. It'll let me work with equestrians all over the country and potentially all over the world without leaving Sunny behind. As he gets older, I get more paranoid about his health and I want to spend as much time with him as I can before he moves on to greener pastures. Working through Patreon will give me that chance.

What kind of content can you expect to find on my Patreon page?

The main stream of content is going to be in the form of community-based challenges and mini courses with quick, easy takeaways. I've got several in the works right now, including a mini course where I'll walk you through developing a profitable side hustle. Every challenge or course will come with a bunch of additional content like videos, workbooks, weekly community chats where I answer your questions and we talk about your progress, and more.

Between each course or challenge will be additional content like open topic Q&As, interviews with industry professionals, behind the scenes glimpses into my other business ventures (like the apparel and gift store I'm opening or the eventual magazine I'm hell-bent on seeing through), and who knows what else.

What do patrons get out of this deal?

Well, it depends how much you want to pledge every month.

Level 1

Level 1 membership is perfect for anybody who's on a tight budget. You'll get access to the patron-only feed full of challenges, mini courses, Q&As, interviews, etc., 10% off all consultations you book with me, and your business will have a top feature position in my end-of-year business roundup. The cost? $10 per month. I think Hulu charges more for their services than I do, and this won't turn you into a TV zombie.

Level 2

Level 2 membership is a solid middle point between the two. It offers all the perks Level 1 members get, 20% off all consultations booked, entry into an end-of-year drawing for a free consultation (but you have to be a patron for at least 3 months), the option to purchase any new products from my apparel and gift store at cost, and a swag bag valued at $40 that you get at sign up. The cost? $20 per month. So which would you rather have: dinner for 2 at Applebee's for a night, or a personal business cheerleader for a month? (Pretty sure burgers can't shake pompoms, but y'know, your choice.)

Level 3

Level 3 membership is for those of you who want all the perks. In addition to getting everything from Level 1 and Level 2, you'll get 30% off all consultations booked, a swag bag valued at $60 upon joining instead of $40, access to private events for L3 members only (I'm aiming for 2-3 each year), AND a free mini coaching session where we can Skype or email and talk about whatever your heart desires (available first come, first serve each month). The cost? $30 per month. Dead serious. 

I know these prices are low, and for any other industry, I'd be called absolutely out of my mind crazy for charging so little. BUT! This is the horse industry. Everything is expensive. I know how it feels to live on a budget and still try to make this hobby a profession. That's literally been my whole life. I could charge way more than this and work with some massively elite equestrians, but I'm not. I'm honestly happier helping the struggling small business owner or the side hustler, because us little guys? We make this industry what it is.

And, quite frankly, I could never pass as an "elite" equestrian anyway. I like sweatpants, messy hair, and curse words too much.

So if you're ready to bootstrap a business or a side hustle and you need a business coach/personal cheerleader on a budget, jump on over to Patreon. Sunny and I can't wait to meet you and get to work!