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At WD, I pride myself on providing topical, relevant, and useful content for equine entrepreneurs and aspiring professionals.

Coaching & Consultation Services

At Writing Dressage, I often work with equine professionals who are either early on in their professional careers or struggling to see success. Rather than going about it on their own and struggling via trial and error to find the success they dream of, my mission is to provide them with the guidance they need and help set them on the right path.

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Find Me On Patreon!

If you want guidance or need assistance in your side hustle or equestrian career, but going all in on a coaching package isn't in the cards for you financially, you may find that joining the Writing Dressage community on Patreon is what you need. Through Patreon, I offer:

  • Mini courses
  • Challenges
  • Q&A's
  • Behind the scenes clips
  • Real-time support, critiques, coaching, and guidance tailored to your needs
  • All for a small monthly pledge of $10, $20, or $30, depending on what you can afford

A League Apart...

I use the Writing Dressage newsletter, more affectionately known as League Letters, to give readers what they want. Sent out on the first Saturday of every month, each League Letter includes links to the past month's blog posts in case you missed them, bite-size tips & tricks you can apply to your business or job search right away, noteworthy news in the equine industry, and a handful of links to resources I genuinely think you'll benefit from.

Additionally, at the end of each newsletter I announce the prizes for that month's drawing and the winner of the previous month's drawing. Prizes often include a free consultation, free coaching package, free course enrollment, or your choice of exclusive WD products. You don't have to worry about filling out forms or tweeting 15 times, either--you're entered to win just by opening and reading each month's letter!

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Who am I?

Well, I'm just a girl with a business degree, retired all-around horse, obsession with love of dressage, and an insatiable hunger to see my industry succeed.

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