Product Reviews

I only have one requisite when it comes to what products I choose to review: how can it benefit me/my readers? Bonus points if you have something that’s maybe not quite so relevant, but you can relate it to me/my audience in a really creative way. Honestly, I’m open to reviewing most anything as long as it can be related to horses or books.

Book Reviews

For the books I review, I’m a little more strict:

  • Age categories: Young adult, New adult, or Adult only.
  • Genres: Must fit under the speculative fiction umbrella (so science fiction, fantasy, etc.) OR be a contemporary romance that involves horses, unusual sports (like gymnastics), or unusual careers (like meteorology).
  • I am a big supporter of the We Need Diverse Books movement (and expanding my own horizons), so bring me your diverse protags! Bonus points if they’re NOT in contemporary romance novels.
  • While I will always prefer a physical book over an ebook, that’s not always a possibility for self-published authors. As such, if you’re a self-pub author, a PDF is the best option for me.
  • Unfortunately, I AM NOT open to book review requests at the moment because of the insanity that is moving halfway across the country. Honestly, I haven’t had the time. Which sucks.

What To Do

So, whatcha think? If you’re confident that I’m the right person for you and that I could really do your product/book justice in my review, all you’ve gotta do now is follow these incredibly simple rules:

  1. Email me at saramariah[at]writingdressage[dot]com or fill out the form on my Contact page and make sure your subject line looks something like this: “Review Request – (product name/book name/etc.)”
  2. I don’t open attachments, so put your pitch/request in the body of the email. If you have a media kit you'd like me to look over, mention it but please don't send it to me yet.
  3. Finally, include a link to your web site so I can go do my own homework to make extra sure we’re a good fit.

Honestly, if you follow these super easy rules, all you’re doing is telling me that you’re 100% serious about this and that you’ve done your research on my blog and my readership. 

I look forward to hearing from you!